“Lo Dejaria”

Author: Luis Albino Herrera
En tu Corazon… (Release Date: Oct. 13, 2009)

Available Sept. 15, 2009 on itunes & Amazon!

Don't forget to call your favorite radio stations and request “Lo Dejaria” by
Hermanos Herrera.

** New music video on the way... Stay posted**
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Hermanos Herrera recently finished filming 3 music videos for their upcoming
"En tu Corazon"

"Lo Dejaria"
"Culpable Soy Yo"
"El Dia"

"Lo Dejaria" music video will be released in late September, 2009...
September, 2009
August, 2009
Hermanos Herrera release "Lo Dejaria"

The new single which was written by Luis Albino Herrera, is
ranked #7 on the
monitorlatino "hot songs of the week" chart.

"Lo Dejaria" is also ranked in the
top 200 in terms of radio play throughout
the United States.
September 15, 2009
Hermanos Herrera - new single
"For ‘Hermanos Herrera,’ UCLA is all in the family"
Hermanos Herrera featured on the Daily Bruin. Read the article here.
April, 2009
View the video!
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Hermanos Herrera release their new album "Huapangueros Para Siempre"

Huasteco/Latin/Latin Folk
Tracks: 11
Rhythm, intricate strumming patterns, falsetto, and virtuoso violin technique
combined with energy and passion is synonymous with Hermanos Herrera.
January, 2009
Hermaonos Herrera
November, 2008
Hermanos Herrera receive the prestigious "Sol Poniente" Award in Amatlan,
Veracruz. The award is an equivalent of a life-time achievement award and was
awarded to Hermanos Herrera for their contributions to the Son Huasteco.
New Album Released!

Title: En Tu Corazon
Tracks: 12
Genre: Latin / Regional Mexican
Release Date: 10/13/2009

A fresh musical explosion! Let yourself fall in love with the energetic
music of Hermanos Herrera. It will truly find a place in your heart...
En tu Corazón
Buy it now on iTunes or amazon.com!
Click on the images below to buy the album!
Nov  12           Sacramento, CA
Nov  12           Modesto, CA
Jan  24           Hollywood, CA
Mar  19           El Monte, CA
Apr    4           Hollywood, CA
Apr  17           Oxnard, CA
May   1           Northridge, CA
May   2           Los Angeles, CA
April 2010

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Hermanos Herrera are preparing for the release of their new single
"Culpable Soy Yo"

The new music video for "Culpable Soy Yo" will also be released!
January 2010
Hermanos Herrera release Lo Dejaria music video!

Starring Jorge Andres Herrera (Accordion/Lead Vocal)!
Read the band reviews below.
envisioned it when writing Lo Dejaria. - Luis Albino Herrera (Bajo Sexto/Vocals)

Jorge Andres puts on an acting masterpiece. I literally watched it over and over
again without any volume, just observing and cherishing his acting masterpiece.
- Miguel Antonio Herrera (Bass/Vocals)

Wow... What a video! - Jose Marcelino Herrera (Saxophone)
June 2010