The group Hermanos Herrera is a family group consisting of five Herrera brothers
and their younger sister. The group plays various styles of traditional exhilarating.
They remain truly authentic in their interpretation of these  Herrera The group
Hermanos Herrera is a family group marvelous traditional musical genres.
But the
Hermanos Herrera
"Siempre Unidos"
Release Date: 2008
Hermaonos Herrera
Hermanos Herrera
Album: "
Huapangueros Para Siempre"
Genre: Huasteco
Release Date: January, 2009
Hermanos Herrera
Album: "
Cruzando al Norte"
Genre: Regional Mexican
Release Date: 2004
Hermanos Herrera
Album: "
Pasion Huasteca"
Genre: Huasteco
Release Date: 2004
Hermanos Herrera
Album: "
De Corazon Huasteco"
Genre: Huasteco
Release Date: 2001
Hermanos Herrera
Album: "
Sones Huastecos con
Los Hermanos Herrera"
Genre: Huasteco
Release Date: 1998
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Hermanos Herrera
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About our music
New Album Released!

Title: En Tu Corazon
Tracks: 12
Genre: Latin / Regional Mexican
Release Date: 10/13/2009

A fresh musical explosion! Let yourself fall in love with the energetic
music of Hermanos Herrera. It will truly find a place in your heart...
En tu Corazón
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Nov  12           Sacramento, CA
Nov  12           Modesto, CA
Dec    3           Bakersfield, CA
Jan  24           Hollywood, CA
Feb  26           Santa Paula, CA
Apr    4           Hollywood, CA
Apr  17           Oxnard, CA
May   1           Northridge, CA
May   2           Los Angeles, CA

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