Jorge Andres is a 27 year old P.h.D student in
Ethnomusicology at U.C.L.A. As musical director of the
group he plays requinto, violin, and accordion. Jorge
Andres has also studied classical and jazz piano, violin,
and trumpet. The first instrument he learned was the
jarana jarocha at age five. He enjoys many styles of
music, but his favorite style is the son huasteco.

Born: December 10th  Hobbies: Running  
Fav. Food: Enchiladas de Pollo  Fav. Music: Huasteco  
Fav. Movie: 300  Schooling: Ph.D Student, UCLA  
Miguel Antonio Herrera recently graduated with his
B.A. in International Development Studies & Chicano
Studies from  U.C.L.A. He plays various instruments
which include; Tololoche, jarana, and bajo electrico.  
In addition to being a performer of traditional Mexican
music, he plans on owning and operating his own
restaurant/night club.

Born: June 3rd Interests: Movies & the Beach
Fav. Food: Chicken Strips  Fav. Music: Norteño  
Fav. TV Show: Mex 2 the Max and Que Buena TV  
Schooling: B.A. International Development Studies &
Chicano Studies,  UCLA 2007
Jose Marcelino is a 19 year old Sophomore at UCLA.
He plays the saxophone for Los Hermanos Herrera. He
current jazz student. Jose Marcelino also plays other
instruments such as the jarana huasteca, accordion,
and the classical piano. He was a star basketball
(All-CIF), cross country, and track and field athlete at
Fillmore High School. He graduated class valedictorian
from Fillmore High School

Born: September 23rd
Fav. Food: Pork Chops Fav. Music: Smooth Jazz  
Fav. Song: 'Watermelon Man' and 'Falsa Mujer'  
Schooling: 3rd year, UCLA  
Luis Albino Herrera recently graduated with his M.A.
in Latin American Studies from UCLA. He plays
bajo-sexto, huapanguera, and jarana with Hermanos
Herrera. He has written various songs on recent
albums, inlcuding the most recent single, "Lo Dejaria."

Born: July 4th  Hobbies: Exercising
Fav. Food: Camarones al Mojo de Ajo  Fav. Music:
Rancheras   Schooling: Master's, Latin American
Studies, UCLA   2007
Juan Pablo Herrera is a 22 year old Senior at UCLA.
He plays the jarana huasteca, jarana jarocha, and
the drums for Los Hermanos Herrera. He also plays
trumpet and Tololoche. He also enjoys playing with
his Bulldog "Bamba".

Born: February 6th  Interesting Fact: Holds
League track record in the triple jump
Fav. Food:
Fav. Music: Salsa
Fav. Movie: Drumline  Schooling: 4th year, Latin
American Studies, UCLA
Rebeca Isabel Herrera is a 17 year old Senior at
Fillmore High School. She plays the classical piano
along with the saxophone. Rebeca Isabel is also a
percussionist for Los Hermanos Herrera. She is a
straight A student and will attend U.C.L.A in Fall 2009,
with hopes of playing on the women’s basketball team.

Born: June 13th  Hobbies: Sports  
Fav. Food: BBQ Ribs  
Fav. TV Show: Dancing With the Stars & American Idol
Schooling: 1st year, UCLA
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